Manhyia South Project Highlights: Roads.

A viable and decent road network is key to the growth of every modern community. Aside the comfort of travel, it is an engine for economic activity and growth.

As an urban constituency at the heart of the Kumasi metropolis, Manhyia South has challenges with its road network, and this has been one of my foremost concerns as its Member of Parliament, in respect of which I have consistently lobbied.
Happily, this has borne fruit, with the following road infrastructure projects under way or completed;

a. Asphalt Overlay from Airport Roundabout – Nigrition College, Plaza, Guilder Hotel to Krofrom
b. Asphalt Overlay from Manhyia Roundabout, Manhyia Palace, Apagyahene, Ash town court, Ash Town Post Office
c. Asphalt roads from Dunwell Methodist church to Krofrom
d. Asphalt road from Party Regional Office to Serwaa Nyarko Girls SHS.

The government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo continues to work hard to bring meaniningfukl change to the lives of Ghanaians. 

As MP for Manhyia South, my solemn duty is to ensure that my constituents do benefit from the good governance that we are all witnesses to, and I will continue to discharge my responsibility in this regard.


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