2020 Harvard Ministerial Medal of Achievement

It was a most humbling experience to be selected recently as the 2020 Harvard Ministerial Medal of Achievement in recognition of the work I have been involved in over the past four years towards strengthening public education in Ghana.
Each year, the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program selects one of its Alumni for special recognition of stellar progress towards achieving priority goals during their term in office. Specific criteria include insightful leadership, clarity of purpose, and consistent commitment to the goals, with tangible benefits for citizens.

I am grateful to President Akufo-Addo for the confidence he has reposed in me as Minister of Education, to my team at the Ministry of Education for their incredible support over the past three years, to the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program for the honour done me, and to all stakeholders in the education sector for their hard work and commitment.
Ghana is a country of enormous potential and amazing, talented people, and this award inspires me to continue doing all I can as Minister of Education to help accelerate the education delivery goals as we seek to provide opportunities for our citizens through the power of quality education.

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